Miracle Of Life

For about three years, I have been doing the photography work for Community Hospital and Medical Center in Bryan, Ohio. They have a quarterly magazine that comes out quarterly call Wellness Matter. Like usual, I always have a meeting with the Marketing Director to talk about what they are thinking about for the upcoming magazine. She tells me what she is thinking, and then I come up with what I have a vision in my head for the pictures when I was asked if I would be interested in a C-Section. A live C-section? Yes, a live surgical procedure. Of course, I wanted to do this.

In my younger years, I was in Emergency Medicine, and during that time, I have seen C-sections as part of my training. My heart has always been with and still love medicine. Enough about me, back to this assignment.

We talked about what they would like to see. I asked if I could take some practice shots of the room, we would be in before the surgical procedure? We did this a week before schedule. I wanted this to get my settings and knowing I will get one chance for the epic shot. No, do-overs.

The day has come. The first thing we did is we had a meeting with the head doctor who will be in charge of the procedure. I told her what I would like, and she told me what she would like. Next was meeting with the surgical team, and they explain the rules and the small chance if things did not go well. Let’s face it, its surgery, and there is always a risk. Small, but still there. Now it was time to gown up, and the camera needed to get sterile.

I can’t say enough how professional these doctors were and the staff — a real team. Mom had nothing to worry about. I took my place where I felt would be the best place for the shot I was thinking. Finally, the big moment came. This little boy was coming out. With seconds, I came up with the shot that I had in my mind.

C-Section at CHWC in Bryan,Ohio

C-Section at CHWC in Bryan,Ohio

This never gets old. To see life outside of a mother is such a beautiful thing to see. Yes, this photographer shed a tear or two. After the fact I though in about 5 seconds this beautiful baby boy has his first picture taken.

I can’t say enough about the staff and the honor to be part of this family life with something they will always have. Pictures are a part of history, and this history never made again. What you do will be the document.

To see more go to https://www.chwchospital.org. See Wellness Matters.

A baby has been born.

A baby has been born.