Inspiration to Playing

What you do when it is raining outside? I practice. I was reading and as always, looking at other photography work that I respect. I saw this fashion lighting trick and thought to myself, “could I do this.”

Out came my favorite subject who does not argue with me and will let me take as many pictures I need. Yep, my manikin head. Using two flashes with grids and a magenta gel and a turquoise gel, I got the color. Still not achieving what I was looking for. On the key light, I wanted the shadows to be a little softer. Out came a softbox that I was able to get the look I wanted. I wanted a black background with no light spill, and that is why I used the grids on both of the flashes.

When I started to post-process, I thought, how could I make this a little more exciting? Time for photoshop and practice some of the new things I have learned not only with photoshop but also graphic designing. After all this playing. I finally had an image that was similar to what I was looking at. The design part was my creativity with my spin.

Playing with light

Playing with light

It’s fun playing with idea’s that you see. You never know when your playing or practicing maybe used for a live job. I know, I have used them in my assignments.