Different Senior High School Picture

It's another ending of another year for High School. Congratulations Class of 2019. I had the privilege to work with this Senior High School student for almost a year. Why a year? We wanted all kinds of different pictures at different times of the season. We started with Fall, Truck, and the beginning of the Senior year. Winter, we did formal portraits in the house. Spring, he was so proud of his brand new Mustang.

I received an email from Mom and wanted to know if we could take pictures in a warehouse type scene. Being from a small town, I did not know too many warehouses that we could use, but I did remember an underground parking garage at a local business. I contacted them, and we were all set.

We did some typical pictures you would expect, but this Senior had one request. "Can you take a picture that looks similar to this?" I looked at it, and the picture was in black and white, he told me this is the color version. So we set up the scene. I started with the ambient light. Wanted the parking garage lights. Next was the fill lights. I used two flashes for this with Magmod gels blue and green. Last was the key light. To prevent a spill, I went with a flash with a grid. Next was to have the Senior act the part he wanted. I know we pulled it off because they ordered seven prints of this image of various sizes. I love playing with color and most important is giving a client a smile when we accomplish what they wanted.

By the way, the picture he wanted was Steve McQueen from the movie the Bulitt. Once again congratulations class of 2019 may your dreams come true. Hello to the class of 2020. We are looking forward to another Senior year in Ohio.

Senior High School Picture.jpg