School Starting Senior Session in Ohio

I can’t believe where the time as gone. School started here in Ohio last week. For photographers, that means Senior Session times. Over the years, what once was a great thing to have pictures of your Senior has declined somewhat, or the quality is not as important.

I have said it a few times. Senior Pictures are significant. They are memories before they or possibly leave the nest to proceed with there dreams. My parents had ours hung up for the longest time. Prints are so crucial because it’s a document of history that will never be repeated. Be honest with yourself, how many time do you look at a digital file of a picture that you took? Like me, not very often if at all.

Señor Session Part I

Señor Session Part I

With so many photographers today, competition is extremely competitive. Some are good and some I can't believe they are producing something that you would hang on your wall. Let's be honest. For me, the business decision was to be different than the 20 or more photographers in this small area. I wanted to give the Senior a great experience and have something they may have never seen before.

Class 2020 Senior Session in Bryan, Ohio.jpg

My job is to give the Senior what they want and what Mom and Dad would want. We do things a little different from some of our sessions. The pictures we are sharing is part 1 of a 3 part shoot. As you can see this Senior loves bowling and from what I hear, she is pretty darn good at her sport. She had some of her ideas, and I had some of mine. My job was, what can I do different then any of 20 plus other photographers would do. If you follow me, I am a great support for flash and very comfortable in using it when I need it. In this case, I used it all of the pictures. Sometimes just one and sometimes 3 lights. I am also a believer in color gels for creativity. The big challenge at this bowling alley was distractions. I am trying to hide them. For the most part, I did this by cropping and in others cut out what I did not want in Photoshop.

Love of bowling in Ohio.jpg

Well here is to part one session. Next will be this fall in the woods. We want to wish the class of 2020 the best of luck, and if you are still looking for a photographer for yourself or Senior, we still have some openings.