What Camera do I Need?

Starting in photography can be like anything else. Read things, and you will get multiple and confusing articles. Just because you have an expensive camera does not make you a good photographer. If you are not any good well, then you are a costly camera and a poor photographer. To be a good photographer takes practice and seeing things.

What camera should I buy? It would be best if you had a camera that fits with what you want it to do. For many of us, the iPhone is the only camera that you need. For some, you need a camera that can do things at a creative and repeatable picture. For others, it's my living, or I need to be at a different level with creative idea’s and speed and ease quick.

I started with a Canon Rebel 2. It was not the highest end camera, but it did what I wanted. As my photography grew, so did the features that I felt I needed and moved up to a Canon Mark III. I loved my Mark III. It handles things better than the Canon Rebel, especially in the dark. Today, I am using the Canon EOS R, mirrorless camera, and it’s my primary camera while my Mark III is my backup. Why I like what the features of mirrorless can do and the big thing is I see the picture before shooting in the viewfinder. Because I shoot Weddings and Commercial, I also like the higher megapixels. For me, mirrorless makes sense, and I may not have the best mirrorless according to the experts, I have what I want, and Canon is still my choice for me. While I respect what the experts have to say, it is their opinion and for their needs.

For those that want to use an iPhone. I say, go for it. I have been using my iPhone more and again it has some limitation, but it has some great things also. Pano’s are great. When you have light, it’s great. They say the best camera is the one you have. If you have no camera, you have no picture.

Recently we were with some good friends, and we went out to a local restaurant in our town. This restaurant is unique. It started as an old Methodist Church that was converted to a restaurant. We were out in there patio listing to music and enjoying the company. My eyes are alway’s looking for a photo opportunity. All of a sudden, I saw the light hitting the church and said to myself, I need a picture. Out came my iPhone and set up the image I wanted and click.

Father Johns Bryan,Ohio

Father Johns Bryan,Ohio

I am happy with the results, and without a camera, I would not have this picture.

Don’t feel like you need a great so call camera, practice with the camera you have today and then get a camera that will fit your needs. Maybe it’s an iPhone and maybe its that $40,000.00 camera. The big thing is getting the pictures you want.