Senior Pictures

Well, it’s another year ending and another one beginning for a High School Senior. Congratulations to the class of 2019 and good luck with your journey. For the class of 2020, enjoy it will go fast.

It’s incredible how much Senior Pictures have changed. Today this business is still there, but it has changed so much. Parent’s seem to be happy to have a snapshot of their daughter or son. Senior Pictures use to be a big thing, not only for the yearbook but also something that would be on a wall for a long time. Maybe that is the issue, no prints only file.

This year I decided to look at Senior Pictures a little different. I went for what the mom and dad wanted, but I also wanted what the Senior wants. I wanted to be different with my shooting so that I am different from the other photographers around the area.

Senior  Picture at a warehouse

I worked with this Senior for about seven months of different things. One thing he wanted was a picture of him with his new car. We did the environmental shots that every photographer would do, but now it was time to shoot what a Senior wanted. We went to a local business that had an underground parking lot. ( I took a tour of this plant about a year ago and remembered this parking lot.) I called them to see if we could use it. Came in about 30 minutes before the session and now create the plan I was thinking of.

I started with the ambient light. All I wanted was the above lights and everything else dark. Next what would make this picture different? Setup two flashes for fill or color. Using Magmod, I put a red and an orange gel. I noted that the ceiling was white. Perfect for scattering and soft light. Next the senior showed up, and we set the car and posed him. The key light I went with a beauty dish with grid. I wanted to control the spill of this light. Still not happy out came another flash with just a very low setting to help with lighting the front of the car a little. For me it was to dark. When I showed this senior the picture all he could say is wow.

It is incredible what you can do. Something different, not too many photographers can do this or want to this. Today you need to be different because today time for a photographer is different. Everyone has a camera but not everyone can be created.