52 Week Challenge (Week 16)

Week 16 of 52. This week Challenge Shadows

This week was to take a picture of the story of a shadow. With the weather not cooperating in Ohio, I had to go with a different idea. Instead of using the sun, I used a flash to make the shadow.

I set up the scene with two teapots and candle. You got it, the story Disney Beauty and the Beast. Next was to place the flash behind my scene. I wanted the scene to project on a blank wall in the room. The neat thing about challenges is learning also. When you place the flash close to the stage, the projection is a sizeable diffuse image. (Not what I wanted) When you place the flash about 7-8 feet from the subject, you get a sharper or hard image. This makes the sense if you know the law of light, The more significant the light source and close equals soft light. The small the light source the harder the light is. Let’s face it, the sun is a huge light source, but because it is so far away, we get harsh light. (Now you know why faces can be very dark and bright) Another this to think about is the angle of the light. In this scene, I went straight on because I wanted to show everything in shadow. However, sometimes you don’t want to show a shadow on a wall. Then you change the angle of the light to hide it. Don’t believe me? Try it with your light on your iPhone. Shine it on your hand and observe the shadow. Why do we want shadow? Shadows add dimension. We are taking a 2D picture and we want to show 3D. This is where shadows are so powerful. Understanding them is even more.

Shadows on the wall

Shadows on the wall

Well, here is week 16 Now to get ready for next week’s challenge.