52 Week Challenge (Week 6)

Week 6 of 52. This week Challenge No Filter image must be pure.

This was a fun challenge for me and a good one. Because I knew I could not do any editing in PS and image needs to be right out of the camera. It made me slow down. Till this challenge, I shot 99.9% of the time in Raw. The only real time I shot JPG is with my iPhone. I will still shoot most of the time in Raw but it is nice to know if I need to get pictures out and quick, I can do JPG.

With this challenge, I tried doing several things. I did out, I did inside at a bridal store and finally the image below I did in my living room. How I shot this was using two flashes, one is a gel with a purple gel and the other (key light) I used a small softbox. Here is the shot straight out of the camera. Not bad, the only thing I would have done is just some cleanup of dust and sharpening.

Wedding Rings.jpg

Well, here is week 6 Now to get ready for next week’s challenge.