Senior Picture's

There are so many things that can be a photograph, and I enjoy taking pictures of people. I like the interaction and the fun of being with people.

Like this young gentleman getting his Senior pictures. We have been doing all kinds of pictures threw out the year of him. This time it was formals. We made the formals inside his house. Took some pictures that Mom would love, took some that he would like and finally some that show his personality. Seniors are so much fun to do. It’s incredible what these photos are all about and how serious they should be. I have been out of High School for let’s say sometime now. My Senior Pictures are still hung on the wall at my parents home. O how I wish I could be back at that stage. However, life continues.

The Class of 2019 senior year pictures is just about over, and soon we will be taking orders of the class of 2020. Can you believe it, 2020? How the years go so fast. Before you ask, yes the style and pictures are going to be different.We as photographers need to adapt with the changes. One trend that had been happening is yes the individual pictures, but now the Senior wants images of their friends with them. Let’s face it; these are the memories of High School. We will be offering the friends session in our senior pictures.

To the class of 2019, Thank you and good luck with your journey.

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