Day to Night

Turning This Church in Pulaski, Oh into Art

Sometimes conditions are just right for a picture that was taken at daytime to be a night time photo. This is one of those cases. I have been doing this 52-week challenge (I post every Wednesday) and this day it was cloudy and minutes from snowing. I saw this church in Pulaski, Ohio for the challenge (which was black and white) when I got home it was ok as a black and white, but I thought how about it make it night time shot.

I have done this a few times and shared. It’s about color. In Photoshop I turn the whole scene to Blue which represents dark and then add light with orange to make it look like the lights are on at night time. I liked how this came out vs. the black and white.

Some call it cheating. I call it art. While I can’t draw a thing with my hands, I can do it in my head and with a little help make it what I was thinking. That is photography and the art combination.