52 Week Challenge (Week 4)

Week 4 of 52. This week Challenge Tell a story that makes us feel warm inside. My first idea was to do a fireplace with drinking wine. The problem was I have no fireplace, and when I went to the winery, the table I wanted to use for the shot was occupied all night. Next went with the idea of food, taking pictures of soup. It was ok, but not a wow factor I wanted.

Next and the one you see was to use my wife hands holding hot coffee and looking at the winter storm that was taking place here in Ohio. I did this all in camera. I went with a K factor of 3900 with a flash with ¾ orange gel. I had a little reflection, change my camera angle to eliminate the reflection.

Week _4_photo_challenge.jpg

Well here is week 4 Now to get ready for next week’s challenge.