The Canon EOS R and Loving It

Well about a week ago and after a lot of thinking and playing, I decided to go mirror-less. I have been a Canon user for about six years. Starting with Canon Rebel, moving to the Mark III and now an EOS R user.

The business had been picking up and wanted a backup and upgraded at the same time. For that reason, I started to look at the Mark IV. Why it is very similar to the Mark III and up to date with a larger sensor. Then an along comes the EOS R, Canons first in DSLR in mirrorless. After a lot of reading what other people thought it was time for me to figure out why I wanted this camera.

First, the sensor was the same size as the Mark IV. In fact the same sensor. Next was what features I like. I like What you see is what you get. What does this mean? When I look through the viewer screen, I see everything that the camera is seeing including, focus, light temperature, and exposure. All this plus I can see the histogram at the same time. I can make adjustments on the fly without looking at the back of the camera. Seeing this all in the viewfinder. Big plus. Next was the rearview screen. I can position to where I can see it. This saves time on my knees and I can lineup how I want my composition. This for the low shots that you will see with the shell. Last, I like the quality that this camera is putting out. The detail is great.

Like anything else, you need to practice and practice a lot. That is what I have been doing since I bought the camera. Being a Mark III user, many things are different using the EOS R. The focus is big. Using the touchscreen to focus with the EOS R compare to using the toggle. Face recognition is so much better with the EOS R than with the Mark III. It even eye recognize, so cool for those 1.2 aperture shots.

Because I have been using Canon I have an investment in Canon lenses. All EF lens. With the adapter you able to use your old lenses and the new ones that will come. Using this adapter and EF lens, I don’t miss a beat. I did purchase my first R lens. 50mm 1.2. What a glass, the speed for focus is incredible. Needless to say the detail.

Loving EOS R.jpg

Spending a little time on the beach playing with camera and learning. I am looking so forward in this technology and making the switch. Now, it’s time to keep practicing so I can use this technolgy soon in a live job.