Tis the Season for Family Pictures

I alway’s like this time of the year. For me, this is what the Holiday is all about being with family or making someone feel family. Last week I had the privilege to take the family pictures for this family: such a great group and such a great time.

The family wanted the pictures next to their fireplace. They have a massive window on the right. The problem, rain again in Ohio. With this in mind, I took what ambient light I could get with the light from the window, but it was not enough. (ISO 800, F10, 125) Setup a very large softbox as my key light. Took a picture and with this group, I knew I needed fill light; otherwise, the left side would be very dark. Setup a large softbox for fill. I used large lights and somewhat close to minimize shadows on the wall and make the light soft. I like soft light.

Tipton Family 5.png

We took a few pictures of the family, and then I alway’s like to have fun with the family. Next, we took photos of the individual family’s, grandchildren and last the Grand Parents. Being with family’s are so much fun.