What to do when it is about to rain?

Rain is about to come

Well, it is cold, cloudy and it is starting to drizzle. You want a unique portrait. How about making it look like the moon is lighting the picture? We set this shot up quick, and some of the reason we did this was the weather, but we were shooting this in a parking lot with cars everywhere. Why take pictures of cars? So the best shot would take a softbox to raise it in the air, have your model look at the light and bring down the ambient light. What you have is something different. Shooting up eliminates the cars and the feel that you are in a parking lot. Playing with flash should not be scary. Could you imagine what this shot would look like without light? That right a very flat picture. Nothing really interesting. Sometimes you need to make your sun, and this was the case we made our own moon. Yes, the rain came shortly after this shot.

Portrait when its about to rain.png