Williams County Pageant in Ohio

This Year’s Photographer

I am honored to be this year photographer for the 2018/2019 Williams County Pageant. I took pictures of the pageant last year for the Fountain City Pageant for the first time. I had so much fun watching and learning from these talented young ladies. So, I was excited that they are going to use me for this county pageant of the county winner’s.

My Setup

Last weekend it was time to the headshots of these young ladies. I use a three light setup. For my key light I use a 48”Octa softbox for my fill I used a 48” white umbrella, and for my separation light, I use a purple gel. The key light was as close as I could go without being in the image. I love soft light.

My 3 light setup

My 3 light setup

Time for the pictures

Next, it was time to take the pictures of the ladies for this year event. We did all headshots and then the group shots. What was great for the group shot was the gray wall. Remove the portable backdrop, and now I advantage of the use of the gray wall.

Next will be the pageant. It's scheduled for January 20th, 2019. As I get more information, I will pass it along. I like to say Good Luck to all the participants, see you next year.