Looking back at my Photography

I will never forget when I went from my Canon Rebel 2 to my first full frame Canon Mark III. The switch was simple, I outgrew what the Rebel could do for me at the time, and that was doing dark scene’s, fast-moving subject and I needed better quality, and I could see the difference. The Mark III did all of these things plus more. I say this because too many people feel that it’s the camera that makes the difference. I buy the most expensive camera your photos will be like Pros. This is far from the truth. A camera is only a tool. It’s how you use the tool and if it’s the right tool for the job. I went back and looked at my photography, and I look at how much I have changed over the years. I learn not to take pictures but give meaning to the pictures.

The 765 out of Fortwayne, Indiana. One of my first pictures from my Canon Mark III

The 765 out of Fortwayne, Indiana. One of my first pictures from my Canon Mark III

What is the Story

Light is first important, but then what story are you going to tell? I think about this every time I do a wedding, portrait, commercial job or just shooting. After you get over the technical things of photography and you concentrate on what story are you telling your audience, Will the picture relate to your audience, if not, well it is just a snapshot. Snapshots are find, after all its memories. However if you are charging people for pictures, you need more then a snapshot.

Well, I am looking at making a switch to another camera. Not because the Mark III will not work for me. After all I have over 200,000 clicks on this camera all ready. However, I feel there are new things that will help make my photography easier to tell the story. I am looking for somethings the tool will do for me that I can’t get from my present camera. When I make the move, I will let you know what I went to and why.

Remember light first and then how can I use the light that is given to me and make the story I am looking for. Remember this can be done with a iPhone, Canon Rebel or a $20,000 camera. You maybe limited by the tool, but know those limitations. If these limitations stop from your creativity, well it maybe time to possibly make the change. As far as light and story, well I am still learning.