Fall Time Means Picture Time

Fall Portrait

How we love color just about anywhere, we go when it comes to Fall. Leaves are just starting to change in Northern Ohio. In about another week to two, the color will be at its full. Alway’s a great time for pictures of Family, Seniors or just pictures of Fall. So what makes fall so interesting? The obvious is color. For me, it’s the light and what is being offered at the time. If you are looking for pictures with great color, the best is the cloudy sky, what would even make it better is after rain. Of course, no Senior or Family member wants to sit in the rain. However, it would make a cool picture. Whether it is Rain, Sun, Cloudy or Foggy you should be alway’s be able to make some memory photos. One suggestion I have, color and scenery are beautiful, but if you are taking pictures of a person or family and it's going on the wall, remember who the subject is. I am looking forward to this year's pictures of Family and Seniors starting in two weeks. Have fun and enjoy what nature brings us.