Studio Portraits

Studio Portraits anywhere

A lot of people feel or think that they need a studio to be able to shoot studio pictures. This is false. You can do studio pictures just about anywhere if you understand how light behaves. The first thing that you need to do is make a blank canvas. What does this mean? You shoot a picture and by controlling your triangle (ISO, speed and Aperture) you will get a blank picture. Meaning no light is showing giving you a blank picture. Depending on the location will determine what setting’s you will use. When I am indoors. I start with ISO 100, Speed of 200 and aperture of F8. Now let’s start painting or in other words, let start painting with flash or flashes. In this case, we use three flashes.

Start Painting with light

Let’s start with the main light or the key light. A flash and in this case a small softbox. This light is being used to light the model’s face. The softbox is close to the model faces and larger light source then the model face giving a soft light. Next was to place operation light from the background. There are a few ways of doing this but in this case. We use two more flashes gel with a blue and red filter. With red plus blue equals purple in the middle. Now to add a little drama. We use two chairs and with the opening of the chairs, this gave us a gobo effect. Showing light and shadows in the background. After all this you get your painting, or should I say your picture.

While these pictures were taken indoor, its possible to do outside, your home, your business or just about anywhere.

Portrait picture.png
Portrait picture.png