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Last night I got the opportunity to take the membership and committee photos at Bryan High School in Bryan, Ohio. Everything went like clockwork. The High School had the bleachers, and my job was to make everyone visible and look good. Groups are always a challenge for pictures. Some have eyes closed, some view the other way. Height issues and so on. I had been asked, how I wanted them to lineup tall to smallest or what? My answer, let them get in the position they want, and if needed I will adjust. Crazy? I believe people are calmer when they can do what they want. I had to make a few adjustments to balance things out, but they were good spirits about it. After all the modifications were made, I looked one more time for balance and faces, and it was time to take about 20 shots. 20 shots? Yes, most of the time with a large group you will have funny faces, eyes closed or not looking at me. This group was great. I had none of that.

Bryan Area Foundaton.png

Bryan Area Foundation is a contributor to community projects and scholarships. I want to Thank the Foundation for allowing me as your photographer. You did great and thank you for your help.