Photography Education in Cincinnati,Ohio

Spending the day with Photographer Roberto Valenzuela

A few weeks ago thanks to ProCam and Canon Light of Explorer, I got the chance to learn and do a photo walk with Roberto. I am a huge fan of Roberto. Roberto is a well-known photographer around the world and a great educator. I have all of his books and read them three times. Even with reading what I learned, being in person with Roberto was priceless. The walk was in Cincinnati, Ohio where we would take advantage of the light that was given to us. How to find the best light and last what to do when you don’t have it. We spend a little time on posing. Some say “I can learn everything on Youtube or a book”. Maybe true, for me, I do these things too, but to be at a live workshop, you meet other photographers and a great time to socialize and learn. Let’s face it; there are a lot of photographers out there. My goal is to be different from those out there. The key is like anything else to be good, it takes education and practice and practice some more. Something I have alway’s been committed. A special thank you to our model Sarah.