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Paul Zeinert

I am a guy out of the great state of Wisconsin. Neenah, Wisconsin to be exact. I moved to the state of Ohio about 15 years ago. Where I married a great women of Ohio name Lisa, who yes, is a die hard Buckeye fan and for me, well there are only two teams that count, the Badgers and the Greenbay Packers. As you can tell, I love football. We love to travel. Tropics are our thing. I have a love for the water no matter where it is. 

While I am a adult, I still love my youth. While are children are grown up, that still does not stop me from seeing a great Disney film or possibly going to Disneyland. Disney is still one of my favorite places. As you guess, I am still a kid at heart.  

So the question I ask to myself, Why Photography? Why do I love Photography

 After thinking about this question, for me, its the love of Story Telling, capturing a moment that will never be repeated. Photography is something that I really enjoy and I never feel like I am working. I love all aspects of it. to get a chance to see a wild animal, or a place that we may never visit again. To capture a special day. Well, that is what photography to me is all about. Capture the moment and having fun doing it.

 Thank you for coming to my sight, I hope you know a little more about me. I look forward in getting to talk with you. Make your dream, your vision come true threw me.